No Clowns Allowed

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In an afterlife where pesky telemarketers are relentlessly trying to sell ghosts on a new over-the-counter prescription drug, NO CLOWNS ALLOWED, follows two cemetery neighbours as they compare and contrast the evolution of technology, pop culture and self acceptance over 30 year old beer and 1950’s doo-wop tunes.
 Following the success of their latest works, After Wrestling (Factory Theatre/Storefront Theatre 2018) and Kill Your Parents in Viking, Alberta (Storefront Theatre 2016), which both premiered to rave reviews in Toronto, Blood Pact Theatre is cementing their status as “excellent storytellers bringing unique, fresh voices to the Canadian theatre scene” (NOW Magazine).

No Clowns Allowed might take place in a graveyard with two wandering ghosts at odds with each other and the world they have departed, but make no mistake, this play is about challenging, difficult, bracing life in all its prickly, shining glory.” – The Slotkin Letter

“Its combination of macabre and humorous elements and the struggle of its characters to cope with past trauma are in keeping with the company’s previous offerings, At the same time this show brings some new elements: an accomplished all-female creative team and a focus on nostalgia replacing the aggressiveness that so characterized the company’s first two shows.” – The Toronto Star

Kill Your Parents In Viking Alberta

Set in the title’s tiny gothic town of 4000, the three Turtle siblings meet in the middle of a brutal snowstorm in order to sign the will of their recently deceased grandmother. Susan, (Allie Dunbar) the eldest of the clan, hosts her two younger siblings who have both made the journey from their hometown of Vancouver. Perry, (Libby Osler) freshly dumped, and Frank, Mike Eisner) recently released from prison, are met with an onslaught of compulsory nostalgia as Susan evades signing the will in the hopes of elongating the family reunion. When Susan’s husband Paul, (Jimi Shlag) arrives with a Greek feast, the evening takes an interesting turn. A failed attempt at dinnertime civility turns into a code red domestic exposing the Turtle’s dark family history.

“I heard it was wacky.” – Daniel MacIvor

“its really good” – Alicia Silverstone

“Excellent storytellers bringing unique fresh voices to the Canadian theatre scene” – Now Magazine

“Like a punk inspired dramatergical fuck you to any kind of rules including the established conventions” – The Toronto Star

After Wrestling

When your best friend kills himself and Facebook stalking your ex-girlfriend just ain’t what it used to be, look no further than rolling in duck feces and living in the park. Unfortunately for Hogan, his sister and the cops don’t share his same enthusiasm for DIY self-help. After Wrestling is a slacker-comedy turned suicide-mystery that finds itself in a booze- and grief- fuelled magic realism debate on love, life, and after-death.

“Clear that I am not it’s target demographic” – The Toronto Star

“Like panels of a stylized graphic novel brought to life”
“Successfully mixes laughter and tears”
– Now Magazine